Terms of travel

Booking of tours

The tours can only be booked through MC-TRAVEL. You can sign up in person, in writing, by telephone, telefax, e-mail, via our website or by letter.

Included in the price of the tour

The price and any extra charges are indicated in the description of each tour. The price is based on 2 persons in a double room (unless something else is indicated). During the tours, the meals indicated in the programme are included. All other charges will be clearly specified.


MC-TRAVEL reserves the right to use other hotels of the same standard as those mentioned in the programme. At certain hotels, the rooms may not be uniform. If you are travelling alone and want to share a double room, this is only possible if another single traveller of the same sex has the same wish. Otherwise there will be an extra charge for single room.

Price change

The price of the tour is based on the price range as at the first of the month. In case of changes in transport costs, taxes, duties, exchange rates or fees that are outside our influence, we reserve the right to an extra charge. Notification on extra charges can be given until 14 days before departure. 

Responsibility of the members of the tour party

Members of the tour party who do not appear at the right time and the right place or who are not able to travel for lack of travel documentation, invalid passport, rejection by the immigration authorities, lack of requisite visa or any vaccinations, may not expect any reimbursement. It is incumbent on members of the tour party, who are not Danish citizens, to gather information about the demands made concerning entry into the relevant country themselves. 

Any rejection of entry into a country - regardless of the reason - is the responsibility of the members of the tour party and will be considered as non-appearance. All members of the tour party are obliged to comply with the directions of the guide, hotel owners, motorcycle rental companies, transport companies, etc., in connection with the tour. The individual members of the tour party are responsible for any damage due to violation of directions and regulations.

Services during the tour

If a member of the tour party does not want to follow the scheduled route with the guide, he/she will not have a right to reimbursement for any entry fees, duties, petrol, meals, etc., included according to the programme.

Special requests

We readily note down requests for smoker/non-smoker rooms, etc. Special requests must appear from the ticket, and we CANNOT guarantee that they will be granted.


In case of hire of MC-TRAVEL motorcycles: Requests for motorcycle type are granted as far as possible. Always state first and second priority. MC-TRAVEL cannot guarantee that the requested motorcycle type is available. Motorcycle insurance inclusive of comprehensive insurance and exclusive of deductible of Euro 1.500,- is included in the hire. 

In case of hire abroad

Requests for motorcycle type are granted as far as possible. Always state first and second priority. MC-TRAVEL cannot guarantee that the requested motorcycle type is available at the arrival. At the arrival to the destination, the terms and conditions of the rental company are handed over, and these are to be signed and returned when the motorcycles are handed over. Hire and running of the motorcycle is a matter between the rental company and the hirer.

In case of operational failures, e.g. damage to the engine, etc., compensation is paid according to the rental company's regulations (puncture does not entitle to compensation). The mentioned deposit is enclosed as a print-out of credit card at the rental company (Visa, Diners, Mastercard) - the deposit cannot be paid in cash to the rental company. Without this print-out, the motorcycle will not be handed over. In case of breakdown, damage to the engine or other kinds of stoppage, the rental company can be expected to put another motorcycle at disposal, to the extent that it is possible. However, the substitute motorcycle cannot be expected to be available within the same day.

Compensation is not paid if the tour has to be interrupted or changed because of accident, breakdown or extreme weather. In case the members of the tour party are not able to reach the planned overnight accommodation because of accident, breakdown or extreme weather, the alternative overnight stay will be on their own account. In case of accidents with personal injury, the guide will assist in procuring medical care and sending information to the home country of the injured person(s) - subsequently he will continue the tour with the rest of the group.

In case of accident with mechanical damage, the guide will - to the extent that it is possible - try to find a repair shop that can undertake any repair. Wrecked motorcycles will be put on the truck, or roadside assistance will be called. If possible, passengers will be placed on the motorcycles of the other members of the tour party, or in the driver's cab of the truck/roadside assistance.



Cancellation due to sickness: When booking the tour, a sickness cancellation insurance can be taken out with Europæiske Rejseforsikring (European Travel Insurance) through MC-TRAVEL. The premium will be given in connection with booking of the tour. In any case, the paid premium for cancellation insurance will be lost in the event of cancellation of the tour.

The cancellation insurance can only be taken out simultaneously with booking of the tour, and this is to be paid with the deposit. The insurance covers your expenses if you cancel your tour due to death, acute sickness or injury with you, your travel companion or family (spouse, cohabitant, parents, stepparents, parents-in-law or grandparents, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, siblings, stepsiblings, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law or children-in-law).

The insurance also covers in case of:

Fire or break-in at your private home or company, unexpected dismissal and start of new job in connection with unexpected dismissal. A prerequisite for this is that MC-TRAVEL gets the cancellation before departure. MC-TRAVEL forwards a form for sick note which should reach the company no later than 4 days after cancellation. MC-TRAVEL has a right to point out a doctor for attestation of sick note.

Cancellation for other reasons

In case of cancellation, where there is no question of acute sickness and no sickness cancellation insurance has been taken out, the cancellation rules and charges mentioned below apply: From booking and until 90 days before departure.


A deposit is charged when the tour is booked and no later than 90 days before departure. A deposit of Euro 670,- is charged for our tours. Full payment is charged no later than 90 days before departure. From 90 days before and until departure: The full price of the tour is to be paid.

Cancellation from MC-TRAVEL's part

To go through with a tour, there must be a minimum of 6 Riders of the tour party. If it is necessary to cancel a tour, the members of the tour party will be informed about this no later than 30 days before departure, and they will be offered another tour or reimbursement of all paid amounts.

Lost property

In case of search for lost property during the tours, we charge a dispatch fee of Euro 35,- plus any shipping charges.

Responsibility for luggage

It is the responsibility of the members of the tour party that suitcases and other luggage get on and off the luggage trolley. It is also incumbent on the members of the tour party to make sure that luggage is registered in connection with air travel. The members of the tour party are obliged to familiarise themselves with airline companies' and other carriers' terms of travel in force at the time in question. Any lost or missing luggage will not be compensated. Compensation claims must be made to the insurance company of the members of the tour party.


Complaints must be made to the tour guide immediately. If he/she is not able to solve the problem, you can file a written complaint to MC-TRAVEL, stating the travel certificate number/invoice, no later than 1 week after your return. If the complaint is not dealt with to the satisfaction of the guest or MC-TRAVEL, the matter can be referred to the travel appeals board.


We reserve the right to make changes to routes, dates, prices, accommodation, etc., if it should be a compelling necessity. We make reservations regarding misprints and changes in the general travel regulations.

Recommendation of insurance

For tours outside Europe we recommend to take out a separate insurance, as you are not covered by the national health service medical card. In addition, it is important to make sure that your luggage is insured against delay or theft, as the luggage is often of great value, and you are dependent on your luggage on our tours. Consequently, we recommend Europæiske Rejseforsikring (European Travel Insurance) who ensure financial compensation at the destination.

Technical organiser

MC-TRAVEL, member of the travel guarantee fund no. 1883.


Download motorbikes you can rent on Cuba

KnapDownItinerary 15 days.png


Knap Down Itinerary 9Days


Knap Down Itinerary 6Days

The price includes (9 days)

  • Transfer to and from Havana Airport
  • Rental bike incl. insurance and free mileage
    (liability Euro 1.500,-)
  • Entrance fee for Museums and National Park
  • Occupancy as listed
  • Luggage van and support van
  • City tour in Havana
  • 7 dinners and 3 lunches
    including welcome and farewell dinner
  • Guides
  • One special designed T-Shirt for the trip.

Please note:

Price does not include flight to/from Cuba and visa.

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